About Us

Nettie Owner
Thank you for your interest in StarMaker Performing Arts Center.  I welcome you to stop by the studio for a visit! As studio owner it is my mission to:

“Provide training in the arts to develop discipline, creativity and self-confidence and demonstrate God honoring values and judgment in an environment where excellence is valued over profit and others valued over self.”

Consistent with that vision, I wanted to provide much more than just a workout or a routine for recital. Growing up in the dance studio world is is my goal to provide the best training and all around experience in the arts for all children.

I have been involved with dance education for over twenty years as student, instructor, organizer and leader. Growing up in the dance and now as a parent I know the challenges that many parents face trying to coordinate multiple schedules.  I've also experienced the desire to have strong consistent dance education at all levels. I bring the necessary skills in instruction, organization, and communication to the process of dance instruction/program development.

Quality is a core requirement for everything StarMaker does. First, making sure that our instructors were well trained and highly qualified. In addition to their current qualifications, they continue to take extra training courses. For example, during the summer we travel to New York City to attend the "Dance Teacher" conference to pick up additional training. Also, we have installed in our studios the best dance flooring available anywhere in the world.

These are just a few examples of how we put quality and excellence at the top of our priority list. We truly value the trust you place in us to train your children in the arts.

Please feel free to stop in, give us a call, or drop me an email at any time if you have any concerns or to get more information. We want to hear from you so that our programs are the best they can be.

Ms. Nettie Matheny