Here at StarMaker we believe Ballet is the foundation for all other dance forms.  We place great importance on learning the proper ballet technique.  It is an art form that combines grace, precision, and fluidity.  Through the study of ballet a dancer will gain strength, flexibility, better body alignment, and an over all confidence in movement. 


Dancing on Pointe is the action of rising to the tips of the toes using specially made shoes.  Dancing on Pointe requires strength and several years of ballet training.  Participation in this class is by teacher recommendation only. Generally, you must be in our Ballet Intermediate Level II to be considered for pointe.

StarMaker Ballet Levels

Pre-School Level (45 minutes)

Please see our preschool classes page for more information on our Twinklers and Kinder Combo Dance Programs. (PreSchool Program Information)

Age range is 3-6 years old. It is important to establish a strong base in ballet.  That is why we begin our ballet training here at StarMaker in our pre-school programs, Twinklers and Kinder Combo Dance.  Here they are taught the very basic ballet movements, such as Plie, Releve, Tendu and learning to stretch properly from their hips to their toes.

Beginning  (45 minutes)  

Typical age range is 7-9 years old and is designed for beginning students with little or no prior dance experience.     Students will be in this level for a minimum of 1 year.

Elementary (45 minutes)

Typical age range is 8-10 years. Pre-requisite would be the beginning level classes or similar experience. Placement is by evaluation or instructor advancement. Class duration is 45 minutes. Students will be in this level for 1 to 2 years.

 Intermediate I, II, III (60 minutes)  

Typical age range varies from 9 years through teen, depending upon ability level. Placement is by evaluation or instructor advancement. Students will be in these levels for 1 to 3 years.

 Level III/Advanced

      Typical age is teen, depending upon ability level. Placement is by evaluation or instructor advancement. Ballet is required for students taking any advanced level jazz or contemporary. A second ballet class is required for an advanced ballet student.


 Dress Code:

Solid black leotard and pink tights (no exceptions!). Ballet skirts are at the discretion of the instructor.

Black boy shorts are acceptable.  Hair in bun secured with hair nets and bobby pins. Pink ballet shoes - canvas or leather.


Boys - Solid black jazz pants and white T-shirts.  Black ballet shoes.

Ballet/Dance belt for boys 10 years of age and older.