Dress Code

Please read the dress code thoroughly and know the proper requirements for your child’s dance studies. We teach professionalism and a serious attitude toward training in dance. Therefore, we expect our students’ adherence to the dress code set forth by this studio. For this reason, we suggest you make all dance apparel purchases from a retail store which stocks those brands that are acceptable for the proper and modest dress for dance studies. A student who does not feel confident in the “look” may not be able to concentrate fully during class. Ill-cut body wear may be too revealing or cause constant pulling and tugging at the garment. A cover-up should be worn entering and leaving the studio. Do not wear dance shoes outside of class.


Ballet- Black leotard and pink tights (no exceptions!). Ballet skirts are at the discretion of the instructor. Black boy shorts are acceptable. Hair in bun secured with bobby pins. Pink ballet shoes - canvas or leather. Boys - Black jazz pants and white T-shirts. Black ballet shoes. Ballet/Dance belt for boys 10 years of age and older.
Jazz - Any colored leotard with tan, pink or black tights. Biketards and shorts are also acceptable. Dance shorts or dance pants are acceptable. Hair pulled back or in a bun. Tan jazz shoes. No sports bras.
Contemporary - Attire for either ballet or jazz is acceptable (no shoes required, ballet or jazz shoes may be used) as these are co-requisite requirements for Contemporary.
Tap - Any colored leotard with tan tights. Dance shorts or dance pants may be worn over a leotard. Teachers’ discretion on whether T-shirts can be worn. Hair is to be back off the neck. Black tap shoes. Laced tap shoes required for Intermediate and Advanced levels may be purchased at Stage Center or the dance retailer of your choice.
Hip Hop - Sweat pants, leggings and shorts acceptable.  Tanks and t-shirts are also ok.  Hair pulled back from face. Tennis Shoes.  Please do not wear your outside shoes into the studios. Please bring an extra pair of tennis shoes to avoid any rocks and dirt on the studio floors.
Pre-School (Twinklers) - Any colored leotard and tights. Hair should be off the face and neck, preferably in a bun. Black Tap Shoes and Pink ballet shoes - canvas or leather, dance bag. 
Pre-School (KinderCombo Dance ) - Any colored leotard and tights. Hair should be off the face and neck, preferably in a bun. Black Tap Shoes and Pink ballet shoes - canvas or leather, dance bag. Although Jazz is also taught in this class, jazz shoes are not required as ballet shoes will be used in this level.
Mommy 'N Me - Children should be in comfortable clothing they can move in.  Please no denim or clothing with large snaps or other items that could get easily caught while they are moving. Class will be taught barefoot.

Acro - Any colored leotard or biketard, footless or stirrup tights. No shoes. Shorts are permissible. Hair should be off the face and neck.
Boys attire for Tap, Jazz, Acro, PreSchool Dance - Black jazz pants or athletic shorts, any solid color t-shirt.


While you are free to purchase your dance attire anywhere you choose, Our recommended attire for each class is on file with Stage Center - 908 North Main St, Akron, Oh. (330) 535-7816.