Hip Hop

Hip-Hop is the dance you often see in music video clips today.  Hip-Hop is a broad collection of urban street dance styles including Breaking, Popping, Locking, Turfing, Jerkin and Krumping.  Hip-Hop dancing evolved from Hip-Hop culture and includes elements from Jazz, Rock, American and Latino dance cultures.  It is a very energetic form of dance that can be choreographed or improvised.  We use age appropriate music and instruction in our hip hop program.


Class Levels
 Our Hip Hop program is broken down by age.

Mini Moverz - Pre-School Level (45 minutes)

  Please see our preschool classes page for more information on our  Preschool Programs. (PreSchool Program Information)

Junior Level, ages 6-8 (45 minutes)

Pre-Teen Level, ages 9-11  (45 minutes)

Teen Level, ages 12 thru Teens (45 minutes) 

Advanced Level (45 minutes) 

            Typical age is teen, depending upon ability level. Placement is by evaluation or instructor advancement.


Dress Code:

Any street clothes. Tennis Shoes.  Please do not wear your outside shoes into the studios. 

Please  bring an extra pair of tennis shoes to avoid any rocks and dirt on the studio floors.