We are committed to providing a well-rounded, quality dance program for our students. Our directors and our staff continue to train, perform and participate in professional development activities statewide and nationally. We are confident in the quality, appropriateness, safety and correctness of our instruction and operations policies: however, please feel free to comparison shop.

All teachers are not for all people and you and your child are entitled to a satisfactory experience. Please know that the doors are always open and that we embrace and welcome all students; new and returning. Parents needing to speak to the owners should call the studio at any time rather than hold instructors up between classes. We will be happy to schedule a conference time with you, to include the instructor, at any time that is mutually convenient.

Class Requirements
First time students will be subject to review and level placement. Current students will be continually evaluated and will be advanced into higher-level classes as appropriate. Interim student evaluations will be issued after Christmas break. Final student evaluations and placement recommendations will be issued prior to summer registration.

Participation in pointe, pre-pointe or any advanced level ballet class requires the concurrent participation in an additional appropriate level ballet class.
Class Duration
Twinklers ,Tiny Tumblers and Kinder Tumble along with all beginner classes meet for 45 minutes. Kinder Combos and all elementary classes and all tap classes meet for one hour. Intermediate and advanced jazz and ballet classes meet from one to one and one-half hours depending upon level. All solo, duo and trio classes meet for one-half hour and are priced separately.
Arrive and Pickup Time
An adult should accompany children under the age of 7. Small children should be taken to the bathroom prior to class. In the interest of the child's safety, students arriving late to class may be instructed to observe only (Teacher's discretion!). Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for class to allow time for student preparation before class.
Be Prepared
Students should arrive dressed according to the dress code and with all necessary hair accessories and extra shoes in a small dance bag. Students’ names should be on every item, especially dance shoes, dance bags and book bags. Students who are not adequately prepared, or late to class due to lack of preparation will observe class only. The staff will assume no responsibility for lost, stolen or misplaced items.
Proper hygiene is essential in all aspects of life. It is very hard to approach a child or parent about lack of cleanliness or a foul body odor. However, in a dance studio where activities induce sweat and children are moving through the space, odors can become a terrible distraction and an embarrassment for the child should a classmate be insensitive and say something aloud. To avoid these problems, please be sure all dancewear is laundered after each wearing, hair should be clean and pulled back properly, feet should be washed after school, and deodorant should be a consideration for all students age 7 and up for dance class. Please: NO PERFUME prior to class as this will cause a terrible odor as well as aggravate allergies of other students.
No Food or Drink
No food of any kind, including gum, candy, etc., is allowed inside the studio. Not only is this a cleaning problem, but also the smells of some foods can irritate or distract other students. Please bring a water bottle only (no pop) that can be completely closed to prevent spills. Any damages caused by ignorance of this policy are the responsibility of the child and that child’s parents.
Complete the Class
The teacher will dismiss class. If class started late, it may run late. If a student needs to be excused for any reason during class, they must ask the permission of the teacher. No child will be released from class on their own accord. For early dismissal, the parent must make prior arrangements and come to the door to retrieve the child. This is a matter of safety.
Missed Classes and Refunds
There are no pro-rated fees or refunds for missed classes whether or not they are made up. Students are allowed to make up any missed classes in another same or lower level class, provided they remain registered in that genre. Missed classes must be made up within ninety days. Please note that calamity days have already been built into the schedule. Classes that are cancelled due to inclimate weather or teacher illness may or may not be re-scheduled, although students are welcome to make them up as above.
As class space is reserved for the student, the director must be notified immediately if a student is withdrawing from a class. Until the office is notified of the withdrawal, the class space will be held for the student and the tuition charges invoiced to the parents.
Viewing Windows
Each studio is equipped with viewing windows so that you may observe classes at any time. Please limit your viewing at the front of the window to a few minutes at a time so that everyone may get a chance to watch their child in class.
Perfect Attendance
At the end of each fall season we award perfect attendance certificates and pins. In order to receive perfect attendance a student must be in attendance and participating at the beginning and end of every scheduled class. Late arrivals, early dismissals, illness, makeups, etc... are not considered for perfect attendance.
Class Cancellations
During the winter if the Norton Schools are closed our morning classes will be cancelled. We will also update our website and the studio phone message (330-706-1566) with closing information by 3:00pm Mon.-Fri. and 8am on Saturday. We do not follow the local school closings for the rest of the day since road problems that cause the schools to be closed may be cleared by the time our evening classes start. Also, road conditions may become hazardous in the evening even when the schools were open during the day. If the weather is threatening, always use your own good judgment whether to come out or not. Students may make up any classes they miss. We certainly do not want anyone to have an accident due to trying to travel on dangerous roads.