We have created a Student Of The Year award to recognize and honor one student who has consistently demonstrated their desire to excel in the art of dance. This is in no way meant to diminish the efforts of the many other students who put forth great effort in their dance studies. This award is to recognize exceptional and consistent effort on the part of the student in the areas of attendance, attitude, attire and work ethic. The recipient of this award will demonstrate: hard work and preparedness in every class; a desire to excel in multiple dance disciplines; a positive role model for other students; a willingness to try new things; a proper respect for their instructors, directors, fellow students, parents and themselves.

In short, an exceptional, hard-working, well-rounded student.

Our Previous "Student Of The Year" Recipients

2019 - Jylian Haynes
2018 - Emma Hitch
2017 - Nicki Almes
2016 - Alexa Ballinger
2015 - Jessica Brown
2014 - Alexis Corder
2013 - Allison Knight
2012 - Sarah Rose
2011 - Michael Baker
2010 - Lauren Almes
2009 - Kurtis Sprowls
2008 - Lauren Fobes
2007 - Kallie Schaeffer
2006 - Jennifer Lewis
2005 - Victoria Fox
2004 - Chandra Miller
2003 - Rachelle Rafailedes
2002 - Lindsay Fox
2001 - Tracey Dowdell