StarMaker "All Stars" Auditions
will be held at StarMaker Performing Arts Center

Tuesday, June 4th

Doors Open 5:00pm for warmup

 5:15-5:45pm  Ages 4-6 (Pre-k and Kindergarten in the fall)

6:00-7:30pm  Ages 6-8 (1st-2nd grade in the fall)

     6:00-6:30pm   Hip Hop
     6:30-7:00pm  Tap
     7:00-7:30pm  Jazz


Wednesday, JUNE 5th

Doors open at 4:30pm for warmup


Solo/Duo/Trio Auditions ($5 fee)  Open to any age. ( Dancers need to have a 1 minute audition prepared)


6:00-8:30pm   Ages 9-12  (3rd - 6th grade in the fall)

     6:00-6:30pm   Hip Hop
     6:30-7:00pm   Tap
     7:00-7:30pm   Jazz
     7:30-8:00pm  Lyrical/Contemporary
     8:00-8:30pm   Musical Theatre



Thursday, JUNE 6th

Doors open at 4:30pm for warmup

5:00-7:30pmpm  Ages 13 and Up (7th-12th grades in the fall) 

     5:00-5:30pm   Hip Hop
     5:30-6:00pm   Tap
     6:00-6:30pm   Jazz
     6:30-7:00pm  Lyrical/Contemporary
     7:00-7:30pm   Musical Theatre


You must attend the scheduled auditions to be considered for team membership.

Doors will open 15-30 minutes prior to the start of auditions.  Dancers should plan to be warmed up and ready to dance at the start of the auditions.

Dancers should arrive in a black leotard, tan tights and hair pulled back in a bun.  For short hair, pull hair away from the face. 
Be sure to bring appropriate shoes with you.

Audition Form Ages 4-6     Audition Form Ages ages 6-8     Audition Forms ages 9-12    Audition Forms  ages 13+     

Solo/Duo/Trio Audition Form

Do you have questions regarding team that you would like answered before auditions?
Please visit the Peformance Team General Information Page for more information about the All Stars.

Contact us in the office or by email, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


If you would like more information on the "All Stars" Performance Team please feel free to contact the studio.