Performance Team FAQ

Q. When are the competitions / conventions held?

A. The competitions and conventions we attend are held on weekends, sometimes starting Friday evening. The performance part of our season typically runs from December to June or July (depending upon whether we do an educational trip or nationals).

Q. How much travel will be involved?

A. Our regional travel usually consists of the Cleveland, Toledo, Youngstown, Columbus areas. Lodging may be required depending upon the scheduled time of our performances. For Nationals, we will stay on the East coast - which could mean anywhere from Sandusky to Orlando. 

Q. Do you have fundraisers?

A. The team does conduct several fundraisers throughout the season. There is no requirement to participate in them - but only those that do participate can earn fundraiser profits. Any funds raised can only be used for specific team related activities such as tuition, entry fees, costumes, dance shoes, etc.

Q. How do you keep parents informed of any rehearsal updates, fundraisers, other announcements, etc.?

A.We use several methods. Every member has a website mailbox for non urgent information. We routinely use email when necessary. We also hold  periodic team parent meetings throughout the season to review any upcoming or changed dates, discuss fundraisers and new ideas, and anything else necessary to keep the members informed.

Q. How do the students get placed into their particular group routines?

A.Following the audition, using information supplied on the *audition registration form, we will determine the routines that each dancer will be placed in. *Audition registration form includes information on how many routines you are willing to participate in. We have a cost estimates sheet to help with those decisions. Keep in mind that your costs for costumes, entry fees and rehearsals will of course be higher as you select more routines.

Q. How do you select performers for solo’s, duo’s or other such routines?

A.“Specialty” routines, particularly solos, are offered on a very limited  basis. We give consideration to the performance abilities of the specific dancers, including not only their technical ability, but attitude, desire, work ethic, classroom conduct and other factors. For duos and trios, the  dancers must be of complimentary abilities. Dancers who wish to participate in a solo, duo or trio, must indicate so on the audition registration and perform a 60 second solo of their choice at the audition in order to be considered.