All new, non-beginning students are subject to an evaluation for proper class placement. Students may attend a current class to be used as an evaluation, or if necessary, you may schedule a separate, more convenient time prior to the start of the classes. The evaluations are to help ensure that new students are placed in the proper class level. There is no charge for an evaluation. Please give us a call or drop us an email if you should have any questions. 

Tuition, registration and late fees 

All tuition payments will be due your first class of each month. Please see our tuition schedule and studio policies for complete details. Copies are available at the studio. Any tuition or studio charges not paid by the 15th of the month will be subject to a late fee (greater of $10 or 10% of balance). Any returned checks will be charged a $35 NSF fee. Please note that we may use electronic (ACH) check processing to collect check amounts and allowable NSF fees.

Missed Classes

You may make up missed classes in a class of the same discipline at the same or lower level within 90 days. There are no refunds or pro-rated fees for missed classes, whether or not the class is made up. The space in the class is reserved for you. Please let us know immediately if you must withdraw from a class as you will be expected to pay for the class time until we are notified in writing that you are withdrawing.

Liability & Damages

You are registering for classes that involve movement and/or athletic activities that carry the risk of injury. You agree to assume the full risk of any and all property damage and personal injuries to you or your child, whether at the studio or offsite, and to hold harmless “Starmaker Performing Arts Center, Inc.” or their owners, agents, employees and volunteers, from any and all claims of whatsoever nature arising therefrom.  From time to time photos and videos may be taken of students for promotional or other purposes. You give your permission for such use and waive any claim to any compensation to which you may otherwise be entitled. Video surveillance is in use in the facility for the safety of all involved. Cameras are not present in any space where students are allowed to try on costuming.

Payment Options
The following payment options are currently available:
- Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
- Automatic Charge from Debit/Credit card
- Personal Check
- Cash

If you choose automatic billing to a credit/debit card, no pre-payment is required. If you choose to pay manually, tuition for the first month must be paid at registration. (A full refund less registration fee will be given if you cancel out of a class before the day it begins.) A debit/credit card is required as a backup and will only be billed if we do not receive your manual tuition payment by the 15th of the month. Late fees apply to any payment not received by the 15th.

We accept new students at any time. Please call or send us an email if you have any questions or would like to register for classes. You can also click on the button below to register online!

By clicking "Register Now" you agree to the terms listed above and all studio policies.